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Associates in Action

Illinois Action for Children's Associates in Action is a volunteer group of socially-conscious and motivated individuals, who are committed to supporting the advancement of IAFCs mission to be a catalyst for organizing, developing and supporting strong families and powerful communities where children matter most. 

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IAFC is committed to ensuring access to high-quality early childhood care and education to all children and families, regardless of income or socio-economic status. IAFCs Associates in Action members contribute to this goal by securing monetary and in-kind contributions, building relationships, growing group involvement, increasing awareness of early care and education, volunteering, and hosting fundraising events (in-person and online). 

Who We Are?

Associates in Action is a volunteer group of socially-conscious, passionate individuals who are committed to helping end the cycle of endemic poverty through giving all children access to equitable, high-quality opportunities for growth, development and education from birth. We invite you to join us. 

Associates In Action welcomes ongoing membership at large throughout the year and the opportunity to apply for Officer positions (12) each Fiscal year (July 1 - June 30, annually). New officers will be appointed each July. 

Associates In Action will meet quarterly each year, host a minimum of 2 Major events, and 2 small fundraisers with the option based on group resources to host more. 

What do Associates In Action members do? 

  • Host two signature events per year
  • Host two open-recruitment/networking events
  • lead and participate in volunteer actives
  • Serve as an ambassador for Illinois Action for Children

Criteria for Membership at Large

  • Attend at least 50% of all member meetings (4)
  • participate in at least one major fundraising event and one, smaller fundraising event
  • Use social media and other outlets to promote all Associates In Action events, including fundraising, advocacy, and volunteer events
  • Submit annual member dues of $50
  • Support fundraising with a give/get of $150 (excluding dues) yearly through various giving opportunities, I.e., ticket sales, securing in-kind donations, sponsorships or individual contribution

Become a Member

Associates In Action Officers

Associates In Action members who have been active for a year or exhibit exemplary leadership potential can apply for an officer role. Officers agree to member roles and responsibilities in addition to officer roles and responsibilities. 

Associates In Action will be led by two Co-Chairs and 10 Officers who will ensure the overall success of Associates In Action. All other members have the option to join taskforces. 

Criteria for Officers

  • Help track and keep members at large accountable for Fundraising Goals
  • lead new member orientation and new member updates at meetings
  • Participate in at least 75% of all fundraising activities
  • Lead organization and management of fundraising events
  • Organize volunteer activities
  • Lead AIA initiatives i.e. specific events or committees
  • Participate in 75% of officer meetings (4 per year)
  • Serve as an officer for the full fiscal year (July-June)

Apply to Become an Officer

Interested in Joining?

Contact IAFCs Staff Liaison, Sari Rubin, at:

Current Officers

Jorge Ortiz

Jorge Ortiz
Business Development Manager
North Side Community FCU

Leslie Layman

Leslie Layman
Director of teaching & Learning 
Harry S Truman College

Sharhianna Fulce

Sharhianna Fulce