All Children, All Families

VIDEO: Watch this short video explainer to get a better understanding of  the primary goals set forth in All Children, All Families.

All Children All Families: A proactive and aggressive policy agenda for child care and early education in Illinois.

The Sylvia Cotton Center for Research & Policy Innovation (SCCRPI) powered by Illinois Action for Children is an independent hub for research, policy analysis, and innovation in child care and early education program design. Recently, SCCRPI unveiled All Children All Families, to guide our pursuit of racial, gender, and economic equity for child care and early education programs throughout Illinois.

For the next 10 years, we will work to enact changes outlined by the following priorities:

  1. Strengthen governance and funding to make care and early education equitable for all.
  2. Structure the system to support early childhood teachers.
  3. Create a better system of support for achieving program excellence across all provider types.
  4. Expand family access and choice.

We believe these actions will yield the greatest improvements to the child care and early learning systems in Illinois.