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Employer Contract Program

Family Supports for Employers

It is estimated that there are at least 22 million U.S. families who need child care so that they can work. Families are struggling to balance family and work while providing their children with quality care. Today’s jobs don’t just consume more time, they consume more physical and emotional energy. As a part of an effort to provide family-friendly policies to employees, employers can offer child care resource and referral services through Illinois Action for Children’s Enhanced Employer Program.

Our Enhanced Employer Contract service is designed and personalized to meet the needs of the families in search of child care. 

Here is what we will offer to your employees:

  • A designated email and phone line
  • Consultation service from our highly qualified child care consultants
  • Educational information on how to select/what to look for when searching for a quality child care program
  • A listing of quality child care providers (child care centers, family child care, in-home care, special needs programs, etc.)
  • Consumer education materials customized to the needs of the child
  • Information about the Child Care Assistance Program and child care tax credits
  • Information about child care licensing regulations