What We Do

We’re working to make sure ALL young children in Illinois can access quality child care and early education.

How do we do this?

  • We hold elected officials and decision-makers accountable. 
  • We educate our communities on why the first five years of life are the most important. 
  • We fight to get children more resources in the state budget, and we collaborate with each other to improve state policies affecting the families of Illinois — including informing the efforts of Illinois’ Early Childhood Funding Commission.

If we don’t get this right, here is what is at stake:

  • Future success: Learning begins even before birth, and children can’t always catch-up when they reach kindergarten. Young children’s education and care affects their success as adults.
  • Jobs: Parents can’t work without reliable places for their children, and early childhood supports are vital to laying a foundation of skills for our future workforce.
  • Public health and safety: The safety and well-being of our young children is important, and research shows that investing in young children’s development helps improve health and reduce adverse outcomes throughout their lives.

Share Your Story

One of the most impactful ways to inspire action and change is by sharing how issues or policies affect you, your family or your work. There are many ways to lend your voice to advocacy efforts that support children, families, and early learning providers.
● Attend local townhall meetings
● Start or sign petitions that advocate for early childhood
● Post or share news or events on social media
● Write a letter to the editor to your local publication
● Provide testimony at hearing on public issues